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Kings & Pawns  Sinister Cornerstones of Gun Control

There is an elephant in the room of gun control which must be recognized.  Contrary to official positions, gun control is not nor has ever been about your safety or security.  Those in control use one of two general mantras: National Security or Public Welfare.  This to push and justify laws which are based upon the five sinister cornerstones of bigotry, classism, hegemony, imperialism, and racism while making it seem benign and well-intended. Together their DNA combines for the purpose of ensuring those in power are able to remain in power.  The author explores historic examples dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans and progresses to modern day America, demonstrating how gun control, or more accurately arms or weapons control, is always based upon those five sinister cornerstones.  Building on his first book on the Second Amendment “Infringed: Assaults on our Natural & Constitutional Rights”, the author pushes us out of our comfort zones.

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