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Stuart Klearman
Patriot Author


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Kings & Pawns

Sinister Cornerstones of Gun Control

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Infringed: Assaults on our Natural & Constitutional Rights

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Hell House

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Deplorably Cling: A Thesis on a Nation in Decline

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Title to be Determined

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Title to be Determined



I really like the approach the author takes with this book. He acknowledges that it is a very hot topic for debate, but leaves you with relevant information so you can go as deep or as shallow as you wish. This is really a unique read. You can tell early in the reading that the author has done his homework and garnered vast knowledge on the subject. You will learn from this treasure no matter what your background. The book is thick[sic] and actually feels kind of heavy duty.

A great read that challenges us to not accept everything foisted upon us by this current administration and prior. The populace needs to be educated about this regularly so as to not succumb to the subtle and direct attacks on our 2nd amendment rights. A well written book with exceptional references.

This book is fantastic. The historic references, makes sense in the context of the topic. I can not say enough good things about this book. It really gives you a great deal of information that you probably never thought of. Loved it.


This book was an amazing read. Well written, interesting and insightful! The author was on point and in depth with the research done. I loved this book! You must read it!

N.H. Girl

Becki S.

This explains the second amendment in a clear and definitive way. Best read ever. If you don't understand the second amendment you will after reading this book. A+++++

Clyde P.


The most important amendment to the Constitution is the 2nd. Many of our citizens don't understand the 2nd at all, knowing only what they have been told in talking points. Stuart Klearman gets down to the nitty gritty on the 2nd amendment and how government is infringing on your God given right to bear arms.You must read this book!


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About the Author

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I was born and raised in the St. Louis, MO area.  After graduating high school in 1982, I attended Tulane University on a four-year Naval ROTC scholarship from 1982-1986, where I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a commission in the United States Navy.  I served in the Navy until 1991, completing overseas deployments to both the Western Pacific and Mediterranean areas, and saw brief combat in April 1988 in a skirmish known as Operation Praying Mantis.  Following my naval service, I returned to a new uniformed service in 1999, that of a police officer.  I served nearly 22 yrs in law enforcement, working for three agencies in two different states.  During my career I returned to school and earned a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice in 2004 from Southwest University.  I retired in December 2020 and although my "active service" has ended, I have begun navigating new waters as an author, as always, in support of this great, albeit sometimes-challenged nation.  My writing is focusing on rights and liberties and I anticipate what first responders see and endure, and how it affects them, as well.


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